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Joining the dots: Trinity School enhance software integration with SOCS

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In today's educational landscape, efficiency and seamless communication are paramount. Ryan van Graan, Director of Digital Strategy & Head of Computer Science at Trinity School, shares insights into how SOCS has become an indispensable tool in streamlining operations. 

Join us as we explore Trinity School's journey, uncovering how the strategic adoption and integration of SOCS have enhanced efficiency and connectivity throughout their school community.

For almost twenty years, SOCS and Trinity School have maintained a strong partnership. It all started when Trinity began using SOCS for their sports program in the early 2000s, and since then, it has grown into a full integration of the entire SOCS system.

As the platform developed, Trinity increasingly depended on it, expanding its use to manage and communicate across all aspects of extra-curricular activities.

As a school we are quite picky in terms of what software we choose. Part of our criteria is that software has to integrate with the rest of our ecosystem.
Ryan van Graan Director of Digital Strategy & Head of Computer Science
SOCS for us from an it point of view is fantastic… the layout and structure makes the integration part of our jobs easy.
Ryan van Graan Director of Digital Strategy & Head of Computer Science

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