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SOCS Integrations

Integration with us is more than just a connection – it's a boost of energy that takes your school activities to the next level. SOCS is not just syncing data; we are creating a vital hub to keep everyone in the loop and engaged in school life.

When your school's MIS meets SOCS, get ready for a digital transformation

Seamless SOCS integrations with every MIS/SIS, VLE, and Portal is our goal. Can't find your platform? Let us know! We are always excited to explore new possibilities and make it work for you.

Changing platforms? We’ve got you covered. Moving from one MIS to another doesn't have to be a headache. We ensure that your transition is smooth, stress-free, and enhances the user experience.


Wonde is the SOCS MIS/SIS Integration partner connecting with over 35 MIS/SIS across 60+ countries.


ISAMS comprehensive APIs allow SOCS to seamlessly integrate with your data.


School Management System MIS/SIS


School Management System MIS/SIS


School Management System MIS/SIS

School Base

School Management System MIS/SIS


School Management System MIS/SIS


Virtual Learning Environment

My School Portal

Parent Engagement and communication

Microsoft Azure

Identity and access management

Google for Education

Workspace for Education

IAM Cloud

Identity and Access Management


Identity and access management


Concussion and injury management


Transport management

North 27


Consultancy to bespoke software

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