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Prior Park College bring all their systems under one umbrella with SOCS

SOCS Modules used


Music lessons scheduled per year


Sports teams


Co-curricular activities offered per year


Co-curricular events per term


SOCS and Prior Park College have been partners since 2011. Initially, SOCS provided the system to manage their busy sports programme. 
More recently, Prior Park College now power their full co-curricular programme with SOCS providing consistency for staff, parents and pupils in the management and communication of all their sport, music and activities.

An insight into the success of SOCS at Prior Park College

Malcolm Bond - Assistant Head for Co-curricular, Prior Park College
I highly recommend SOCS. I know how good it is for us and any other school that doesn't have SOCS at least give it a go because it's a wonderful tool. Works really, really well for our co -curricular delivery,
Malcolm Bond Assistant Head for Co-curricular, Prior Park College

Prior Park College has found the transition to SOCS from "pre-SOCS" remarkably easy. As Malcolm mentions, the system is intuitive and allows parents, students and staff all to have a very friendly system at their fingertips.

If your school would like to take the leap and transition onto SOCS, get in touch today. 

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