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Spotlight on James

June 5th, 2024

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Megan Balmont

Client Support and Digital Marketing Lead

We're excited to shine the spotlight on James, our Business Development Director. As one of the original SOCS team members, James has been with us from the very beginning. He has an in-depth understanding of SOCS, from its early days to the comprehensive platform it is today. Over the years, James has built strong relationships with many of our schools, founded on honesty, trust, and a keen understanding of their needs and challenges.

James' role!

With extensive experience in the education software industry, James is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and fostering long-lasting client relationships. 

His background as a head-hunter in London and Barcelona has equipped him with valuable skills that have contributed to the steady growth of the SOCS team. James's profound understanding of SOCS and his ability to gather and implement feedback from our schools have been crucial in shaping the platform to better serve their needs.

I am so proud of what we have achieved and this is my dream job!
James Kershaw-Naylor Business Development Director

All about James!

James loves hitting the golf course and perfecting his swing. His passion for the game goes beyond just playing; it’s about the strategy and precision that golf requires. Whether navigating a challenging fairway or practicing his putts, James finds joy and relaxation in the sport.

James is a budding photographer with a keen eye for detail and creativity. Many of the incredible shots that we capture at events such as Rosslyn Park are thanks to James. His passion for photography has even led to his portrait work being recognized and published in an architectural magazine.

James is a firm believer in the phrase, "a healthy body equals a healthy mind" and is always challenging himself, whether it is competing in running, triathlon events or his weekly Wing Chun class.   

James bumped in to Shane Williams after they completed Ironman Wales

James is one of the many dog people we have here at SOCS! He enjoys spending time walking his beautiful Akita, Nara, adding some quality outdoor time to his busy schedule.

James brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic energy to our team, and is an integral part of our growing SOCS family.

Stay tuned to meet more of our fantastic team members!

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