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Turbo-charge your activities

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SOCS streamlines co-curricular management with core modules for each activity outside the classroom. Integration with all MIS/SIS and VLEs gives you a unique overview for every child.

Designed to make each activity shine

Each module is sector-leading and when combined gives you unrivalled control over all your co-curricular activities. With streamlined registrations and tracking, communications, reporting, billing and transport packages, you can focus on delivering a transformational programme for your entire school community.

SOCS Music Timetable
Socs music

Bringing rhythm to the chaos

Harmonise scheduling effortlessly using our school music software platform. With our unique oversight of the academic and co-curricular timetable, get ready to experience smooth coordination and clear communication for every musical endeavour.

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SOCS Co-curricular Simplify sign ups
Socs co curricular

Power to the pupils

We make scheduling activities and sign-ups simple. Manage all your extra-curricular activities from drama, music, clubs & societies, to clinics and surgeries all in one place. Whether your activity is first-come-first-served, invitation only, or preference based, let SOCS handle it.

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SOCS Calendar Clear communication
Socs calendar

Schools and parents in sync

The beating heart of the school, where your community can find out what's on, where and when. Keep the school community united, ensuring every event is clearly scheduled and communicated.

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SOCS Sport - Branded Web
Socs sport

Less admin, more action

Everything you need to confidently manage and market your school's sports. Getting started is quick and easy: create team sheets, check player availability, and effortlessly pick and publish your teams. Leaving players, staff, and supporters free to enjoy sporting events, every time.

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SOCS Tailored Tuition
Socs tuition

Made to measure

Manage one-to-one or small group lessons from LAMDA to sports coaching, or EAL to Oxbridge. SOCS Tuition offers flexible scheduling and robust tracking so that you can deliver tailored tuition.

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SOCS Competitions Expert support
Socs competitions

Feel like a winner

Organising fixtures and tournaments can feel daunting. From initial planning to final scores, we are on your team. SOCS Competitions streamlines everything - fixtures, tournaments, and more - guaranteeing a rewarding experience for both organisers and participants.

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SOCS Transport - Easy bus selections
Socs transport

Your shortcut to transport success

SOCS Transport takes the hassle out of getting your pupils to and from school. Simplify route planning, student bookings, and safety procedures to help your bus network run smoothly.

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