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Spotlight on Tracy

July 5th, 2024

Avatar of Megan Balmont

Megan Balmont

Client Support and Digital Marketing Lead

We're excited to shine a spotlight on our Client Success Manager Tracy, who until recently was the go-to SOCS Co-curricular super user at Tanglin Trust School in Singapore. With a school of around 2,800 students, Tracy knows SOCS inside and out and has tons of experience managing parent sign-ups to make sure everyone gets the most out of the system.

Tracy's role!

In her role as Client Success Manager, Tracy is dedicated to helping schools maximize the benefits of SOCS. With first-hand experience of how essential SOCS is in keeping parents, pupils, and staff engaged and informed, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge, aiding schools to enhance their use of SOCS. 

Since joining us, Tracy has become one of our most well-travelled team members. She has visited numerous schools in both Singapore and the UK, providing on-site support and training to help schools get the most out of SOCS. Her extensive travels and hands-on approach ensure that every school she works with can fully leverage SOCS to enhance their co-curricular programme. Tracy’s dedication and experience make her an exceptional advocate for SOCS and a trusted partner for the schools she supports.

All about Tracy!

Tracy is an avid rugby fan. Her love for the game has taken her to some exciting places and given her unforgettable experiences. Most recently, she met Waisale Serevi, the legendary Fiji national rugby sevens player and World Rugby Hall of Famer. Tracy even had the opportunity to watch her son in a training session with him at Tanglin Rugby Club

Tracy's dedication extends beyond her work; she's also passionate about making a difference. In 2019, Tracy completed an impressive 26-mile trek in the picturesque Lake District to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research.  Tracy’s efforts not only contributed to raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s but also showcased her incredible resilience!

Tracy's favourite pastime is reading, a lifelong passion that began in her childhood. Tracy recently became a published writer when her daughter, Grace, surprised her by publishing her very first short story. 

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